Let’s go to Cabo

It’s January.  OK, I’m in California so I shouldn’t whine about the cold but I am north of the Golden Gate in beautiful wine country and it does get frosty around here.  So I have Cabo on my mind.  It’s just a short flight to get there from here but I much prefer taking to the seas and following the coast down to Baja.  The whales are just completing their frolic in the southern waters and will soon be heading back up north to the chilly Alaskan waters.  Cabo is still recovering from the devasting hurricane Odile which slammed dead into them last year.  According to the locals, the biggest problem was all the blown out glass from the pressure of the hurricane.  When you drive from the airport to San Jose del Cabo and then through the corridor to Cabo San Lucas you see many structures still waiting for the arrival of materials to complete renovations.  The debris has been cleaned from most of the tourist areas and major resorts but if you look closely you will see that the roof tiles are missing in some places, there is no window glass in other places.  Locals still drive their damaged vehicles.  An encouraging sign is the activity of earthmovers seen along the corridor; they are building pads for future construction.  Ah, progress!

Cabo is a major port on most of the cruises to Mexico departing from the Pacific ports (and some of the Panama Canal full transit cruises will include it too).  You can find a wide variety on my website: https://psorenson.cruisesinc.com.


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