Digitizing my past

In a cabinet in my garage hides 60 years of my life in images. There are over 30 photo albums, countless rolls of undeveloped 35mm film, 25 full slide carousels and an overabundance of VHS movies (and a few BETA thrown in. Early adopter.) Let’s not forget the boxes of negatives and duplicate photos too!
This is the year I tackle the mess. I do not want to pack all this up and move it to my next home when that time comes.
I like to order things so of course I’m going to put my images in life order. Why do I have so many loose photos that are from random years? It seems a hurricane blew through my cabinet and stirred everything up. Or maybe it was my kids looking for” that one photo” over the years. This is going to be a bigger task than I expected.
I will start with all my photos ranging from birth to high school. High school and college seem to have their own segment based on the volume of pictures I’ve found (and all that with a Kodak Instamatic!) Then I’ll group my marriage and family into two chunks:” pre kids” and the “life with kids.”
This is fun! Every image evokes a memory and most are very happy. I do notice that my photography skills were minimal at best and I can trash quite a few of these photos. I’m not sure why I was keeping them. They are either half exposed or showing some landscape view I can’t recognize. If the photo is not evoking a memory, it’s being tossed.

I must admit – this is a huge undertaking and will surely task me for a few weeks. What I am noticing is an early love for travel. My little Instamatic captured some great moments from my youthful journeys.

IMG_0516 (2)Do you want to start your family travel memories? Why not check out the special deals on my website and sign up for notification of upcoming discounts.
A cruise is one of the best ways to give everyone in the family a chance to pursue their own interests while still being together. And the per night cost is super affordable!
P.S. Most cruises offer classes in digital photography while you are on board. Start those digital memories today!


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