Packing. It’s where I find my zen

I like packing. It’s the anticipation of the upcoming travel adventure, I think. Packing itself is a simple task: you put things in a suitcase or container and close the lid hoping you have everything you need. I always think – am I going to be able to buy a replacement for anything I missed in the packing process? If I’m traveling to somewhere a little more remote then I’ll take another look at what I’ve got in my bag.
After I’ve packed I usually take everything out, do a double check, and repack. I love using the travel bags that are similar to space bags. Not only do they protect my clothing from any liquid that may get into my bag; they also really help add space to the suitcase. I do have to make sure I weigh the finished bag to make sure it stays under the airline regulation. When everything is shrink-wrapped you can add so much more to the bag – but it gets pretty heavy if you’re not careful!
I have a thing about luggage. Is it normal that I look at the luggage section of the Macy’s catalog before I look at the clothes, shoes or jewelry? I’ve done so much better over the years in curbing my urge to actually BUY the luggage; I definitely have more than I could ever use.
Luggage has changed so much as the airline regulations and fees have evolved. My first luggage set was a gift from my parents. It was for my trip abroad in the 1970’s. It was an olive green shade of suede Hartmann soft luggage. The suitcase was only about 18×24 and it had a rope as a handle. (Hey, it was the 70’s!) I also had a matching carry on piece which was a shoulder “flight sized” bag – also with a rope strap. I was feeling incredibly hip and worldly and much more confident about the travel adventure ahead of me because of the special luggage I was taking with me. I still have no idea how I traveled for 6 weeks with what I put in that one bag.
It seems that the luggage changes every year and I feel compelled to at least “look” at the new stuff because maybe I will “need” it. I’m trying very hard to quash the buying urge that always hits me when I see new luggage.
The bags I use today have been with me for the last few years. I have one large bag that must be checked in; it’s for the longer trips and both my husband and I share it. Each of us also has a smaller bag which meets the carry-on size regulations; we can use these as our only bags on short trips and as supplemental bags on longer trips. He also carries a backpack with his laptop and medications and headphones; I take a large, light sling-shaped shoulder bag and keep my tablet and treats in it – I also tuck my purse into it when boarding so that I keep to my limit of one handbag. Once I’m at my destination I can use the sling-shaped bag as a shopping bag!

There’s a great checklist for packing that you can find on my website: Be sure to visit the site and sign up for exclusive offers and discounts. I sell dream vacations and want to help you plan yours!


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