Get me off this ship!

I haven’t taken a cruise yet where I didn’t book at least one excursion through the cruise line itself.

  • Booking through the cruise line is easy.
  • Booking through the cruise line gives you peace of mind because they have already vetted the tour operator and they have done all the organizing to get you off the ship, on the tour and then back on the ship ON TIME.
  • Booking through the cruise line gives you a guaranty(Check with your specific carrier): if their tour does not get you back to the ship in time, they will make sure you meet up with the ship at the next port.
  • Booking through the cruise line doesn’t charge you if they can’t get you to the tour on time – or can’t get into the port at all.

On a Western Caribbean cruise out of Houston we had two of our three port visits cancelled due to weather and the inability to dock – we were not charged for the excursions booked at those ports.  caribbean 053

I overheard many fellow passengers complaining that their elaborate plans for sport fishing tours or overland tours were going to waste along with the money they spent to book them.  It’s always disappointing to have your plans changed but it hurts you more when it hits your wallet!

Sometimes it’s just a no-brainer to take the cruise line excursion option. If I’m cruising in a part of the world that is showing signs of unrest, then booking through the cruise line is wise. They are responsible for your safety while you are on their tour.

med cruise 2010 074
A few years back I took a Mediterranean cruise on Princess. This was prior to the unrest in Egypt. We had an overnight stay in Alexandria and I wanted to see both Alexandria and Cairo. Through the “roll call” on Cruise Critic I was able to join a group of like- minded passengers and we all traveled together on a locally organized tour. Even at this time before the unrest we needed a bodyguard to travel with us – which the locals provided. The bodyguard came in handy at the pyramids when we were swarmed by the aggressive peddlers who were getting physical and grabbing at us to keep us from moving away.
Depending on your sense of adventure, there are many local operators in each port that offer a variety of things to do. The internet is a great place to start your search and get ideas of what is being offered. Once you’ve made your wish list you need to dig a little deeper on the reputation of your tour operator. Search for testimonials. Join the “roll call” for your ship’s sailing and ask for feedback from fellow travelers.
I have shore excursions available on my website so take a moment and check them out! If you want me to help you plan your perfect cruise vacation (and the shore excursions) contact me today!


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