Prime Boomer travel time

I have been a statistic all of my life. Having been born in the middle of the “baby boom”, I’ve been part of the largest generational mosh pit of a group moving through our life stages together. At times it’s a blessing and at times it’s tough to keep from getting swallowed whole by it.
A recent AARP report on 2015 BOOMER travel trends contained a few nuggets that hit me square on the suitcase:

“Those 70+ tend to cite health concerns preventing them from taking the trips they want to take, while those age 50-59 simply cannot find the time, primarily due to work.”

SO>>>>>>> if you are between the ages of 60-70, you should keep your suitcase by the door because this is your travel decade!

The report had interesting survey results on where and when and how the boomers were traveling:

Baby Boomers will be active travelers in 2015, as they anticipate taking an average of 4 – 5 trips next year.

Baby Boomers are primarily looking for a laid back and relaxing trip. To ensure they have what they need while away, they are most likely to pack their prescription medication, a comfortable pair of shoes, a camera and sunglasses.

In my opinion, a cruise is the most laid back and relaxing way to travel as a boomer.  Cruises can take you to your bucket list or tropical destination safely and for the best vacation value.

I’m happy to say I’m heading out on my 2nd trip of the year – a cruise to Hawaii.  Sometimes it feels good to be a statistic!

Contact me today to plan your 2015 cruise vacation!


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