Nine days crossing the Pacific

The pacific ocean is really, really blue.  I’ve heard the term “pacific blue” as defining a color and now I know what it is. It’s deep and rich but not an opaque color, there’s a translucency to it. The sunlight cuts through the shallow waters, highlighting the best of the blue.

hawaii 2.15 166

I watched the ocean.  Standing in the wind, gripping the polished teak rail I held myself steady as the vessel cut through the waves and split them into curling swirls of foam.  I would stand on the uppermost deck and feel the sway of each wave; I would stand on the bow with may face into the wind; I would stand at the rear of the ship and see the long trail of parted waves winding like a road in the sea.  Never was the view the same.  The ocean is the same but never the same.  It heaves and flows and tosses and spreads and smacks at us as we make our way across it. It refreshes me and clears my mind.

Ready to head out to sea?  Check out the many possible cruises at my website  I look forward to sharing the ocean with you!


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