An enjoyable day at the river

The small river town of Guerneville, California sits alongside the Russian River as it winds it’s way to the Pacific Ocean.  Today, the river is calm and low; the current fights to flow against the wind and the ripples on the water catch the sunlight in little twinkles.

Driving along River Road from Santa Rosa, we comment on all the new vineyards being introduced on the old farmlands.  Small plastic tubes support the young vines in symmetrical rows stretched across the sunlit areas of the land.  Redwood Trees are prevalent along the road and the vines are even planted into the small open spaces between the shade of these large trees.

This area is known as the Russian River appellation and produces grapes for some world renowned Chardonnay and Pinot Noir wines on the market today.

We aren’t here for wine today; this is just a short excursion to have some swedish pancakes at the Little River Inn, Guerneville.  Arriving at our destination we park on the street in front of the restaurant.  We enter and find a table; the restaurant has two other tables of patrons.  It’s a quiet Monday but it’s also 2pm; the local lunch crowd has come and gone.

After lunching at the Little River Inn we sometimes continue around the corner and down the road to Armstrong Woods for a quiet walk through the  Redwoods.  Not today.  Today we head to the Stumptown Brewery which is located on the river and has a wonderful patio and large grassy area at the river’s edge. Dogs are welcome and can be seen chasing balls out into the river.  There’s a canoe on the sandy beach just across the river which makes me wish we’d planned some extra time for canoeing or kayaking.  We enjoy our drinks on the patio and watch the river run.  It’s a warm sunny day with a gentle breeze and the trees are just beginning to sprout their new leaves.

This is something we don’t do often enough; explore and enjoy those parts of our environment that provide such peace calm to our lives.  As we get in the car to drive home I make a quiet promise to myself to drive out to the coast and watch the whales migrate north this weekend.


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