I thought I could do it

I recently traveled with someone I’ve known for over 40 years. Defining “known” is the key element to this story.

Known in this story means being aware of; mingling with and sharing some past experiences.  Known means being part of a circle of friends, albeit on the fringe.  It is a superficial  “known”, as in entering a room and having someone familiar to talk with.

I thought I could do it.  I thought I could travel with this person and we’d have a compatible and comfortable mutual enjoyment of the trip.

I have always been a very adaptable person;  easy going and acceptable of most new things.  What I discovered about my 62 year old self is that I’m NOT content going with the flow just to get along anymore;  I have given myself permission to put myself first.  This evolution of self has come with expectations that I didn’t have when I was 21.  With expectations come potential disappointment.

My travel companion planned and booked the trip. My travel companion was older than I and physically less mobile.  My travel companion looked for the least expensive options in everything(which normally is a good trait but when traveling I prefer to spend a little more to enjoy myself).  My travel companion had no passion to explore the beautiful surroundings we had traveled to.  I ventured out on my own on a daily basis but still felt tethered to the travel companion I left at poolside.  I didn’t have the freedom or control to follow my own itinerary.

I thought I could travel with just about anyone and find a way to enjoy myself.  What I found is that I’m too old to compromise.  I expect and deserve to give myself the travel experience I want.

I am planning another trip with a different friend that I’ve known for over 40 years;  this time we are sharing the planning and shaping of the itinerary. Ever optimistic, I think I can do it.